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Mod brings together strategists, creatives, and technologists to give an edge to clients looking to engage and inspire customers.

Our clients have access to a full spectrum of media resources across broadcast, mobile, social and interactive. We believe in helping people achieve their goals. Whether you have a new dream, concept or established brand; our team will partner with you to reach your goals and develop a clear strategy connecting creative solutions with the key performance indicators that drive your business. 

% of American adults have a cell phone 90%
% of American adults have a smartphone 58%
% of American adults own a tablet computer 42%

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The new realities of media

Augmented Reality

Enhance the physical world with the digital world. Within augmented reality, 2D and 3D digital images align and interact with people, objects, and geolocations of the physical real world.

Virtual Reality

Enter an immersive 360° world created by computer animation, graphics, or live video. Virtual Reality gives the user the sensation of being inside of the 360° virtual world.

Mixed Reality

An immersive blend of virtual reality and augmented reality, mixed reality can place the viewer within a virtual world where people or physical world objects can enter and interact with the virtual world.

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Interactive & Mobile Development

Smartphone and tablets have become the primary screen for consumers ages 16-35. Your customers are researching purchases, watching videos, sharing stories and engaging brands through interactive displays & mobile devices. Our team has experience in developing interactive solutions for B2C and B2B brands. We’ll work to help you engage customers, wherever they are, through well-designed user experiences that drive engagement and deliver rich media data.

Video Production

TV was yesterday, literally. We used to produce video for television broadcast commercials, and I guess we still could today, but we have fallen in love with digital. Online videos can be shared, interactively engaged and even changed by the audience. We believe in telling great stories that connect.

Campaign & Brand Strategy

Data drives everything in today’s market. We know you want things to perform and be measured for success. We love to define a project’s goal, define KPIs, craft a creative strategy and drive an outcome. We even love to bring new data back to our clients that can be used to provide new insights into the habits of real people, your customers.

Social Media

Fueling passionate people with highly shareable content is a must in today’s marketplace. We love to drive conversations and brand awareness through branded content that is strategically timed and placed. Developing content for the intended platform is critical for success. We can work with your in-house marketing team or provide a complete support to all your social media needs.

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“Roughly a quarter (24%) of marketers worldwide said that Augmented Reality (AR) will be a priority in 2017″

Rimma Kats (eMarketer)

Augmented Reality

Future Is Now

The global marketplace is moving towards everyone and everything being connected. Companies like Google and Apple are each investing $100’s of millions into this impending reality. As broadcast television, the Internet and social media have driven brand connectivity and customer engagement in the past, we see mobile [phones, tablets, and wearables] as the key communication channel for customer engagement and data acquisition going forward.